COMPLY2016 brought together regulators, compliance professionals, marketing executives,
leading advertising lawyers, and contact center operators from top brands who want to ensure their efforts to reach consumers are compliant.
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Event Highlights

See all the the fun, excitement and surprises that went on at THE Marketing Compliance Conference of the year on June 7, 2016 at The Dream Downtown in NYC.

Opening Remarks: PerformLine CEO & Founder, Alex Baydin

PerformLine CEO & Founder Alex Baydin kicks off the second annual COMPLY conference with an inspiring story from his childhood, a crash-course in PerformLine's core values, and how all of that ties in to marketing compliance in the customer journey.

Stage Highlights

Hear what the best and the brightest in the industry had to say in this recap of the various sessions, panels, and special presentations throughout the day.

The Perils and Possibilities of Content Marketing

Marketers continue to push content to drive leads, increase sales, and raise brand awareness across many different channels. What perils do they face to protect their brand and what possibilities await those boldly going where others have not?

Interview Highlights

Don't take it from us, take it from them! We asked a few of our attendees what they thought of COMPLY. Here's what they had to say...

10 Steps to Building a Great Compliance Practice

Learn from a proven compliance expert the 10 tactical steps to build or build out your Compliance program; covering everything from getting support you need from leadership, budgeting, who to hire, common mistakes to avoid, and partnering with marketing & sales.

Keynote: Gary Vaynerchuk
Q&A with Chris Fralic

Not afraid to tell it like he sees it, Gary Vaynerchuk is an entertaining, thought-provoking entrepreneur who has built two multi-million dollar companies, became a best selling author, and is ranked #1 on FORBES’ list of top 40 social selling marketing masters. Gary answers questions and shares practical and tactical information that any entrepreneur or business person can quickly apply from his new book.

Marketplace Lending is Changing the Game

The recent Forbes headline says it all: "Regulatory Scrutiny of Marketplace Lenders’ Begins." It's no secret that consumer lending in America is ripe for disruption. Find out what lenders, and others, have learned from past mistakes made by enterprises in the consumer finance space, and what’s to be made of the consumer complaints that the CFPB now accepts.

The New Normal in Higher Ed Marketing

Things haven’t been the same for Higher Education marketers since the Department of Education adopted a new set of program integrity rules focusing on gainful employment, incentive compensation, and misrepresentation. How do these rules factor into the aggressive student acquisition goals in the for-profit sector?  How can educational institutions recruit students compliantly, in this new era of regulation?

Monitoring your Agents is No Longer a "Nice to Have" for Contact Centers

Knowing exactly what's going on in your contact center, what transpires between your customers and agents during the call, and how well your agents adhere to compliance and quality guidelines is critical to long-term success. Learn how one contact center matured their QA team and process into a successful operation that is improving service quality while decreasing costs.

Playing to Win in the Highly Compliant World of Credit Card Marketing

Despite significant changes made following the 2009 Card Act, the credit card industry is still on the CFPB’s watch list. How do companies maximize marketing to achieve card member growth without drawing attention from the regulators? Learn how big brands face these challanges, while also building a culture of compliance within their organizations. 

Innovator Fireside Chat with
Joe Zawadzki of MediaMath and Alex Baydin of PerformLine

Joe is widely known for establishing the demand-side platform sector and launching a technological revolution with the MediaMath Marketing Operating System, powering the marketing practice of more than 3,500 brands. Listen in as Joe shares what's new at the IAB Data Center of Excellence, and his thoughts about reshaping the online marketing landscape.

Take it from COMPLY2016 attendees...

Another way testimonial writers can make their words ring true is to express their genuine feelings about working with you.

John Doe, ACME Inc.

"COMPLY2015 was amazing, but COMPLY2016 blew that out of the water. The sessions were really on point this year. The content was very useful and practical for attendees."

Joe, Chief Marketing Officer, Higher Ed Growth

"I really enjoyed the different atmosphere as Legal and Compliance seminars are a lot less lively. The keynote Gary V., blew me away, he exceeded all expectations!"

Jennifer, Compliance Officer & In-House Counsel, 4Finance

at the Compliance, Risk, and RegTech Conference.